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Keeping with the norms of today, we use the latest in DVR equipment to streamlessly record data collected from out cameras. We integrate the use of 500GB - 1 TB of hard disk storage space depending on the type of installation that is required by the client and for it specific purpose.

Remote monitoring is offered on request offering more flexibility for the user to have control over ones installation. We provide the complete set up of equipment as well as do the installations and configurations. DVRs have taken over from an era dominated by the VCR, allowing much more fluid integration with both the latest software as well as hardware present today.

The DVR package contains two separate and complementary tools :
DVR GUI (dvr-qtgui) : an user friendly software, designed for end users.
DVR Console (dvr-console) : a console only tool, that can run without X-Window.

Common features

  • records simultaneously video and audio streams
  • uses standard AVI file format for data storage
  • uses common codecs like mpg4 for video, mp3 for audio
  • writes segmented files, in order to split large files
  • threaded : take profit of multi-processors computers
  • horizontal margin removal during capture

DVR GUI features

  • nice and easy to use graphical user interface, with direct "start" and "stop" buttons
  • simultaneous preview and capture (depends on your hardware capabilities)
  • full screen preview
  • configurable start time & duration. DVR will automatically start to record at a fixed date, and will stop after a fixed duration.
  • detailed monitoring during recording (free space left, frames lost, CPU usage, ...)
  • saves parameters on stop, and reloads them on launch
  • translated in english, french and german (depending on the model)

DVR Console features

  • runs without X-Window, as a standalone background task
  • can be launched several times simultaneously, in order to record from several video sources
  • in progress : starts to record on move detection
  • in progress : remote distributed control


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