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Icom2 provides a range of point of sales systems for all types of retail and hospitality businesses. Our systems are designed to meet all your needs from a single till system to a highly specialized (but robust) networked multiple till site system. Multiple shop product lines and reports may be maintained using our Head Office Software. Our systems are designed as per the client's needs, customizing every bit of detail. Whether you are looking for a complete EPOS touch screen based solution or Cash Registers Icom2 EPOS solutions has the knowledge to guide you to make an informed choice. First EPOS systems may be built using a PC-based till, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, Customer Pole Display and Barcode Scanner.

Service Excellence - Our EPOS Systems have built up over the years an excellent reputation for being affordable, easy to use and extremely reliable whilst also providing all the features you come to expect from the very expensive systems on sale today.

* Our system fully compliance with government regulation and FSA regulations


Our Solutions

  • Icom2 Grocer (this aims to provide solutions to Grocery Retail shops and supermarkets)
  • Icom2 Exchange (This aims to provide solution to money exchange outlets)
  • Icom2 Transfers ( I Transfer provide solution to money transferring services)
  • Icom2 Hospitality (Hospitality provides solution to the hospitality industry)



These are add ons that go hand in hand with the system in order to ensure a smooth functionality and ease of use.
Some of the accessoires we deal with are:

1. Barcode Scanners
2. Cash Drawer
3. Customer Display
4. Reciept Printer


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