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Icom2 Ltd provide specialist tailored solutions to private, commercial and corporate businesses throughout the UK.

Icom2 Ltd specialize in network and technical security solutions, providing a thorough and dedicated service at all stages and also provide tailored help and support to individuals and businesses alike.

Working closely with you, Icom2 are on hand to carry out your project with the up most discretion and assurance. Whilst ensuring that your needs are met, budgets are respected and deadlines are achieved in full

Icom2 are leading providers of network Solutions and technical security.

We understand the problems and issues businesses face on a daily basis and carry out bespoke help and support that are relevant and in proportion to your specific needs to your problems.

We will provide a enterprise level of service, together with expert knowledge within our chosen field, working closely with our clients to understand you precise requirements following consultation.

We will carry out most bespoke, specific requirements within a realistic time frame.

Icom2 is the solution for customers looking to deploy a secure, quality business VoIP while realizing real cost savings. The product offers, flexible connectivity, a migration path for customers with legacy equipment, conferencing and fully hosted telephone extensions (virtual office).

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is driving the development of Voice over IP technology.

Basically, it's the ability to offer converged communications (Voice, Video or Data) over an IP based connection. There have been concerns over the quality and security of voip services, but thanks to the integrity of our network it's a worry you won't have with our SIP solution – Interoute One - Secure, Quality, VoIP.






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